Every once and a while a house tour will pop up that almost (note the use of almost) convinces me to aim for trading in my life long city-girl ways for some extra land in the ‘burbs. Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler’s Locust Valley home was featured in the most recent issue of Vogue and it’s absolutely charming. From the dogs swimming in the pool and the children playing archery on the lawn to the lovely wallpapered bedroom done up in the most soothing colors, I think I could definitely get on board with moving not only into this home but right into this lifestyle!

emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-01_145712412180 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-02_145713677228 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-03_145714398958 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-04_145715109405 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-05_145715576070 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-06_14571633237 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-07_145717912582 emilia-fanjul-pfeifler-locust-valley-08_145718819623

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