I used to make runs to Treillage on 75th Street for the designers at Bunny’s all the time when I worked there. Though there are too many beautiful items to count in their inventory, I kept coming back to the work of Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff. I’ve always been drawn to florals but there is something thats sets these apart. Lively line drawings set against the prettiest sky blue backdrop make these exotic flowers really come to life in a new and interesting way. Added bonus, looking at them makes me almost forget how frigid it is outside…

Take a trip to Treillage to peruse the treasures Bunny and her husband John have scoured the world for and take a peek at these beauties in person!

christian peltenburg treillage

christian peltenburg 4

christian peltenburg 5

christian peltenburg 3

christian peltenburg 2

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    It is both simple and complicated at the same time. Love these!

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